Don't Take On Dangerous Trees Alone

Depend on us for hazardous tree removal services in the DMV area

Before you drag out your old chainsaw and start hacking away at that dead tree on your property in the DMV area, turn to a tree removal specialist instead. Avoid the risk of injury and property damage by calling in the pros from Virginia Tree Specialist, LLC. We'll assess the health of the tree and have all the necessary forestry mulching equipment to remove the tree safely.

We work with all major insurance companies!

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5 signs it's time to take down that tree

5 signs it's time to take down that tree

Dead or dying trees can pose a serious hazard. You'll want to hire a tree removal specialist if your tree is:

  1. Infested with insects.
  2. Growing mold or fungus.
  3. Leaning too close to powerlines.
  4. Showing signs of dead or dying branches.
  5. Staring to feel hollow to the touch.
If you suspect any trees on your property pose a threat, call 540-825-4515 right away to schedule tree removal services.